Dog Sitting

Chicago Area pet owners really hate it when they have to go somewhere and can’t take their animals. Raise the Woof! understands how stressful it can be especially when something happens at the last minute and you have to go out of town. Finding someone you trust to care for your dog seems impossible but we are here to alleviate your fears. We provide professional dog sitting services for those times you just can’t avoid going away. We can provide overnight care at your home with one of our experienced pet care providers or in special cases, provide overnight care in our home. All of our dog sitters are highly skilled, insured and bonded to provide you the best possible service.

Pet Sitting In Our Home

Our 2 dogs,Scrappy and McMurphy, are older, more mature animals that don’t play rough or bark a lot. Your dog will be kept in a calm quiet environment and cared for by experts. We do require your animal to be up-to-date on shots and fully housetrained. Because space is limited, please call ahead or e-mail us if you think your animal might be a good match for our pet sitting services.


Raise the Woof! Dog sitting prices and requirements:

$50 per night

$75 per night on the following holidays:

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas; if available.

Fully house-trained (no potty pads or diapers)

dogs must be spayed/neutered, well-behaved and up-to-date on all their shots


Pet Sitting In Your Home

We also offer overnight care at your home with one of our experienced, insured, and bonded walkers.


$75 per night

$100 per night on the holidays


Raise the Woof! pet care providers are proud members of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC