Dog Country Dog Camp

We take dogs to a dog paradise located one hour from Chicago Illinois. We are settled on a six acre campsite, completely fenced-in and made just for dogs, on our private 18 acre farm in NW Indiana. My wife, Sara, and I created Dog Country Dog Camp for Chicago dogs that need more exercise and want to escape the concrete jungle for a day.

We live in Chicago and make daily trips to camp and back. We pick-up dogs at their homes, drive them to camp, let the dogs run around the fields and woods with friends for five hours, and then drop them off at your home, ready for dinner. Even though we are nestled in the woods, a world apart from Chicago and the suburbs, it only takes an hour to get here from Lake Shore Drive. If you are considering sending your best friend to Dog Country, we promise you will get what you are looking for. All dogs come home happy, tired, and in a more tranquil state of mind.

Safety is our number one priority. We have very friendly dog packs going, and we make sure all new dogs are friendly as well. I supervise at all times to make sure the dogs keep their noses out of trouble and have the most fun possible. We have an eight dog per day limit at this time.

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