Sofie is a 2 yr old purebred Vizsla.

She is a bundle of energy and always happy and excited to go for a walk in any weather, even when shes not feeling well. I have been walking her since she was a pup and she is always on a never ending quest to find the perfect stick. Sometimes she reminds me of when i go shoe shopping with certain friends, they, like Sofie, change their mind every time they spot a new style! Sofie will act like she has found the perfect stick for half a block then drop it instantly and get all excited about a completely different one, again just like shoe shopping. Lol! Whenever there is a rain storm and the neighborhood is full of fallen tree limbs the stick search gets serious!

Sofie is another of my dogs that seems to like, or at least is very used to me singing all the time.. when I stop, she taps me to start up again, like my needle skipped.