Sateen, aka Teen, is such a cute, little, spunky westie!  People often stop us on our walks to ask what kind of dog she is, or to say how cute she is, and kids often think she’s the dog from the Ceaser’s food commercial. She’s one of those lucky girls that can pull off any hair style, long or short, she looks great in them all! Sateen loves to go to the park for squirrel hunting and also loves looking for bunnies in her own yard.  She’s so fast!  I’m always amazed by how quick those little legs can move.

Sateen has become quite the social butterfly over the years.  When I first started walking her, she wasn’t so sure of other dogs, but now she has several canine friends  that she regularly walks with and is friendly with other dogs we meet while out and about.  Teen is usually the smallest dog in her pack, but she keeps up and keeps up with the big dogs just fine.  She still doesn’t like rollerblades or skateboards though… she’ll get all worked up and tell those wheels where to go!  Sateen is a little ball of fire and a fun addition to the pack!