Nola is 4 1/2 years old and her parents had a doggy dna test done and it turns out she’s Australian Shepard, boxer, border collie, and bull terrier. They say she seems 100% Aussie because of her energy and hearding skills. I have to agree and add that she does seem to like when i sing Olivia Newton John songs more than most dogs.

She prefers when it’s quiet, so as you would expect, at least one neighbor is always working on their house, usually with a noisy nail gun! UGH! As soon as we get past the noise she relaxes and we always¬† have an awesome walk! She is full of energy and super playful. She is another of my treat-oriented dogs. When I write my note she patiently waits..but wont take her eyes off me just in case I ever forget the treat. I never would! She always deserves it.