Maxine is a five year old pug. When I first started to walk her, she loved to play hide and seek and make me hunt for her. She would even sit quietly on the side of the couch and watch me walk past her. Now she usually runs to the door when I open it, UNLESS she’s watching Nate Berkus.. She has a crush on him. I have to lift her off the couch if he’s on.. I think she gets hypnotized by his voice.

Once we get outside She and I always have a fun walk. We love to pretend she’s walking the runway. Miss Maxine can be a Diva when she wants to be. Whenever it’s raining or snowing we like to pretend we’re in a disaster film and walk very quickly for a min or two, then we catch our breath and go back to runway practice. She reminds me of many of my close friends, it’s  sometimes hard to get her out of the house, but once she’s out, she’s the life of the party!