Margot is a 3 year old Meagle (beagle/ mini pincher mix). Every dog I have ever introduced Margot to has instantly become her best friend! She loves all dogs.. as long as they are not across the street and barking at her and her friends. She is very protective and loyal.

Margot never seems to tire.. ever and will hang out with me all day if she could. More than many of my other dogs I walk she seems to LOVE my constant singing.. and will look at me when I stop. Shes my biggest Fan!

Margot is one of the first dogs I added to my route when I became a full time dog walker.

This year I was able to attend her Birthday party and she made me feel like the guest of honor.. she is the perfect host. She has two kitty roommates and  they all get along perfectly. Not all dogs can have cat friends, Margot really is a big sweetheart!