Some info on Lily from her owner…

‘I adopted her in June from the Anti-cruelty Society.   She’s super friendly – wants to say “hi” to everyone she sees – dogs or people – and her tail never stops wagging.  That makes her walks with Sara and any dog that happens to be part of the group each day such a fun part of her day.  Doggie Day Camp is also a special treat for Lily – a full day to run around in the open completely wears her out but you can see her smiling in her sleep.’

Lily is a very social 2 year old beagle.  She was a “social butterfly” for halloween this year and won first place in a doggy costume contest!  Lily couldn’t have had a more fitting costume.  She sometimes gets sad when she’s not able to meet or greet new friends, but always perks up and is ready to keep moving in hopes of greeting others.

While Lily loves socializing while out and about, she also enjoys napping on a comfy couch or in a sunny spot by the door.  She’s got to have a belly rub before getting leashed up and greeting her  walking buddies at the door, but then she’s ready to hit the neighborhood and eager to explore!