Meet Jones, detective and private eye. He is a 7 year old blood hound who has a lot of work to do.  When this big guy isn’t singing the blues, he’s outside solving mysteries.  He is a nose on the ground, ears dragging in the grass kind of dog, and on our walks he means business!  He’s got to find out where Mr. Squirrelly Mc. Squirrels is hiding out with the acorns he stole from Miss. Molly’s backyard and where that silly rabbit is stashing her trix. If you’ve got a mystery involving critters you’d like to solve, or a coon you need treed, he’s your dog!  He’s always on somebody’s scent and it’s fun watching him work!  Jones would follow his nose to Canada if I let him.  I’m pretty sure that nose of his is walking me most of the time!