Jamo is a high energy 2 1/2 year old black lab. He is always smiling and LOVES to give hugs. He’s always up for long walks, rain/shine, sleet/snow, it doesn’t matter, he’s ready to go!  Jamo is always very excited to walk with his friends and can’t wait to meet new friends along the way. He’s a labrador and loves playing ball, swimming, and wrestling with his buddies. Sometimes, he runs beside me while I ride my bike, but that doesn’t tire out this pup.  Dog Country Dog Camp does though!  Jamo will run the entire day at Camp and if he’s not running, he’s swimming, or playing with other dogs.  He’s such a happy guy and is the happiest after a good day of exercise.

His birthday is on April Fools day, so it’s no wonder he’s so silly.  He really is a hilarious dog and makes me laugh out loud each day I walk him.  Jamo will run up the stairs as fast as he can, even past his own door, then run back down and almost run into the door face first, if I don’t have it open yet.   Jamo is a sweet dog, and we are so happy to have him in our pack!