When I told Dayton to pose for this picture, he may have thought I was going┬áto draw him. Every morning I tell Margot that we’re going to Dayton.. the dog, not the place. That never gets old! He is actually from Ohio! He is a 3 1/2 year old pug/lab/beagle mix. He is fearless. Around Halloween, he was the one dog who was not concerned by the scary decorations. In fact, he ran up to the first fake severed hands he saw and wanted to leave his mark on it. He impressed all the other pups with his courage.

One day when I came to walk him, I found a tiny novelty playing card near his cage. Ever since, I can’t help but think he’s one of those poker playing dogs like you see in the classic Velvet paintings of the 70′s. He lives on the third floor and treats his walk up the stairs like olympic training, he’s a pro!