Beckham is a super laid back black lab.  He’s fine to walk with other dogs or go on a solo walk, either way, he’s still a very happy guy and loves to be out and about.  This handsome guy isn’t interested in squirrels or rabbits, but more so in what they are nibbling on. He loves to  hunt for food scraps on the ground and will remember where he found food on an earlier walk and lead us there. He’s real sneaky about it too and makes it look like he’s just sniffing around, trying to find a spot.  Then he’ll pick up a slice of pizza or something and have it devoured before I know it!  He’s really good at hunting for food and is usually licking his chops all the way home because he knows there is a treat waiting for him.

Beckham can walk all day long and is always up for meeting and walking with new friends.  He absolutely loves going into new buildings, checking out the scents, and running up and down the stairs.  Whenever we’re at the park, he’ll throw himself in the grass and roll around on his back.  It makes him so happy and it’s so darn cute!