Will we always have the same walker?

Yes, your dog will always have the same walker unless the walker has an emergency or is on vacation. In that case, we will set you up with one of our other walkers.

How many copies of my keys do you keep?

We like to have two sets of keys. One for the walker, and one to have at Raise the Woof!

Will the walker leave a note?

Yes, the walkers will leave a short note in the dogs daily journal.

How does payment work?

It’s best for us if people pay at the end of the week. At this time, we only accept checks and QuickPay. Checks can be left in or on the notebook for the walker to pick up on the last walk of the week. Checks should be made out to “Raise the Woof!” My email for QuickPay is saradevore@hotmail.com. Please ask if you would like to use a different automated way of paying.