Challenge # 2 is: A Passionate Post..Why do I do what I do and Why am I Passionate about it?

Good Question!!

As a kid, I really didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I did dance from 5 years old to about 15 years old. So of course, when I was younger I wanted to be a dancer. I really wanted to be a tapper in Broadway musicals or maybe be a dance teacher. Dance was the only thing I felt I was actually good at, but eventually, I lost interest in that too. I was SO not interested in school and I definitely had no plans to go to college. I was always VERY BORED at school. I got by with mostly decent grades..mostly..and somehow managed to graduate High School half a year early. I really wanted out of there! I did a lot of hanging out with friends, partying, being young and just trying to figure things out for myself. By the time I was 22 most of my friends were done with college and getting “real jobs”. I felt pressured to do something too. Looking back, I realize that 22 is still so young and one really shouldn’t feel pressured to decide on a career by that time in their life. One thing I did know, was that I wanted to have freedom in whatever job I did and to actually enjoy the work I did. I was often drawn to the dog walking jobs in the classifieds, but they all required a car, which I did not have. I ended up in retail, working my way up the ladder to management positions, and while I had some fun times, I knew it wasn’t something I’d be happy with for the long haul. A friend suggested I go to massage therapy school. I could do that anywhere and I could even work for myself. PERFECT! So..I found the shortest Massage Therapy program I could find here in Chicago and registered. I completed the program, but still knew it wasn’t my passion and that I had only done it because I felt pressured to “do something” with my life. While going through the program I was working two part time retail jobs. Everything was moving rather quickly and I’m not even sure the order of events anymore, but I met Steve (my husband!) while working at the poster store and ended up taking a management position at Guess. Massage Therapy was put on the back burner…more like completely off the stove. Steve and I fell madly in love. He and his dog, Scrappy, were all I really cared about. It was then, that I realized/remembered my true passion was animals. I remembered being a kid and taking care of the neighbors pets when they would go on vacation. Actually, at the time I met Steve, I was dog sitting for a friends family dog! Several managers throughout different jobs, would have me watch their pets while they were out of town and coworkers continued to have Steve and I watch their dogs while they were out of town. I had been doing it this whole time and I didn’t even realize it! DUH SARA!! Steve was/is extremely passionate about animals as well and he too had wanted to be a dog walker in the city, but had the same car. We decided to just start our own dog walking/sitting business! We were already doing it anyway, why not make it official?! Many people told us we couldn’t do it…to some people, making a living as a dog walker was unheard of..but that just made us want to do it even more!

I absolutely love walking with my packs of dog friends! I love how we get in the zone together and are able to explore and have a different experience each day. They really are some of my closest friends! They lift me up when I’m having an off day and keep me grounded. I truly enjoy taking care of them when they need me most. I can’t explain with words the bonds I have with some of my dogs. Over the years I realized that I describe myself kind of dog like… I prefer to be outside as much as possible, strangely even in sub zero temperatures..I get bored very easily. I do best with a lot of exercise, structure, and discipline. While I have a short attention span, I will work for treats :) WOOF!!