About Us

Sara Austin of Raise the Woof Dog Walking Services

Hello, my name is Sara Austin. My husband, Steve and I started Raise the Woof! in 2004. Steve and I had just met about a year prior and it didn’t take long for us to realize we were meant to be together. We moved in together and our favorite thing to do was take Scraps for long walks. Of course, at the time Steve and I were both gone a good portion of the day, he at school and me at work, so the long walks were usually in the mornings and evenings, but that’s when everything started to fall into place. I had always been the one friends, neighbors, and co-workers called when they needed care for their animal. In fact, I was dog sitting for a friend’s dog when Steve and I went on our first date! My true calling was right in front of me my whole life…it just took a while for me to see it. Steve and I hung up fliers in coffee shops, apartment buildings, stopped to meet every dog possible, and soon had a dog walking route!

Steve Austin of Raise the Woof Dog Walking Services

It didn’t take long for neighbors to notice our passion and commitment for dogs. We quickly earned the trust of our clients and they spread the word. Through this word of mouth, we are consistently growing and at the moment, have 7 walkers in our pack at Raise the Woof!

We truly love dogs and will continue to offer quality care for your furry family member!

Thank you for taking the time to look into us!

Sara Austin
and the entire pack at RTW!